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IPARK is an apartment brand launched by Hyundai Development Company in 2001. Prior to IPARK, Hyundai Development Company used Hyundai Apartment as the main brand for its housing business. Hyundai Apartment has been ranked the most powerful brand in the apartment segment since it built Hyundai Apartment complex in Apgujeong-dong in 1976. Hyundai Development Company launched IPARK, which was an aspiration to make apartments more than a place to live but a place to create new life style. Hyundai Development Company has built more than 350,000 housing units across the country under the brand names such as Hyundai Apartment and IPARK.

The letter “I” in IPARK stands for innovation and reflects Hyundai Development Company’s commitment to innovate the conventional concept of apartments. “PARK” symbolizes a space which creates enjoyable and comfortable cultural experiences. IPARK adds a more upscale and refined image to Hyundai Apartment, known for its reliable and comfortable image.

With the completion of Samseong-dong IPARK in 2004, IPARK has firmly established its presence as a sophisticated, eco-friendly brand. Samseong-dong IPARK’s building-to-land ratio is only 9%. In other words, its green space accounts for 88% of the project site measuring 33,057 square meters, which exposes innovation and eco-friendliness concept. The green space is four times larger than that of Jamsil[disambiguation needed] Soccer Stadium. Samseong-dong IPARK is designed to withstand earthquakes with magnitude of 8 and the destructive power of very high winds and is expected to last more than 100 years. The pre-sale price of Samseong-dong IPARK set a new record, exceeding that of Samseong Tower Palace, and all pre-sale units were sold out. Since resident move-in, Samseong-dong IPARK has been the most expensive housing unit in Korea.


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